Sons of Revolution

Sons of  Revolution are a pair of beetle weight (3lbs) battlebots that are the mini version of Counter Revolution. Derek King and I started working on these battlebots in 2011. In a moment of genius, Derek and I decided to see how far we could go with laser cutting since Willow Garage has a cool 400 Watt Coherent laser. We’ve been cutting up a storm and trying to nail down the cutting kerf.

laser_cutter-1024x768    laser_view-1024x768

September 2012

We are now trying out new techniques in making a robust battlebot out of laser cut metal, plywood, MDF and lots of rivets. Below are the first trials in making a lasercut frame and weapon. So far the hardest part has been getting a good clean cut on aluminum and finding a way to remove the epic burr on the back edge of the cut. In addition to removing the burr, I’ve been testing press fitting bearings into the supports which maybe a challenge with a set of four stacked and riveted pieces of 1/16 inch aluminum.

fr_2048 photo-4 fr_2056

October 2012

With a couple weeks left to go before the competition things are coming together. Derek and I are taking two different design approaches to building the battlebots. Derek is focus on aluminum wrapped plywood while I am focused on an all metal design. In the last couple days we have gotten some of the major components assembled. Once assembled the parts took a quick trip over to TechShop to get a nifty powder coating so that it could look it’s best. Then we took it outside to the Willow parking lot to our after hours BattleBot testing a area to make sure it was ready to fight.


RoboGames 2012

Well I won some and I lost some but then I had to leave and left my robot in the care of Derek. Unfortunately Derek and Eric decided to have fun and have an exhibition match that resulted in my robot being returned in a box as a pile of parts :( .

IMG_2190    IMG_2187